Electric Remote Control Planes"> June 1, 2015 Written by admin

There are many different electric remote control planes to choose from out there, making it a little confusing on which model to get. You have your traditional products, bi-planes, and small aircraft, to large jets, and many in between. RC airplanes come in gas powered models as well, but for the beginner, an electric model makes a better choice. The reason for this is that electric is more reliable, has fewer motor parts, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with combustible gases. While electric isn’t as fast as gas, for those just starting out in this hobby, being the fastest isn’t always the best idea.

Many people ask what they should look for in electric remote control planes? There are not easy answers, because each person’s taste is different. However there are some guidelines to help people find the best RC airplanes for them. One of course is your skill level. Those starting out want to buy planes that have simple radio controls, the Click to continue

Buying RC Helicopters"> May 31, 2015 Written by admin

In these days there are number of remote control helicopters acquirable in the market. It is very necessary  to choose a exact helicopter for  right skill plane. The best thing about rc helicopters is that you can find a  helicopter model  within your budget. Some people thinks that the toy helicopters and it can be radio controlled from 100ft or about 30m spacing. If you are planning to  buy a model, you must need to find a proper place where you want to fly it, the rc helicopters are available in two models the small and the big one but the  smallest size radio controlled helicopter is quite simple to fly inside the house and the larger RC models are more appropriate to fly for the outside. The small-sized airplanes can be fly outside only in moderate wind.

RC helicopter are available for starters, middle age, or advanced pilots, is always to look at its appropriate transmitter system.  As you all know that the spare channels have  m Click to continue

Basic Radio Control Helicopters and Other RC Vehicle Information"> May 30, 2015 Written by admin

RC helicopters are becoming very well-liked these days by all ages. You can purchase model RC helicopter equipment at your local shop or from my online Store . For the first time you can acquire a simpler, cheap model. It takes several hours and much persistence to build an RC helicopter. Electric RC helicopters are a great hobby to get into as it’s something you can enjoy no matter how old you are. The fact that you are in total control of flying a vehicle is exciting. When trying to purchase an RC helicopter, you have various collection to choose from – big and small, different power sources and different engine types. The largest decision will possibly be which size of helicopter to get.

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Radio Flyer: We Race an HPI RC Car in the Scion FR-S Cup"> May 29, 2015 Written by admin

When Motor Trend tests a car, we rarely get the chance to drive it over sweet jumps or drift it in a parking lot. But that wasn’t the case with the latest Scion FR-S tester we received. No, it’s not the boxer-powered, people sized version, but an electric 1:10-scale radio-controlled car from HPI Racing. Scion invited a select group of automotive media outlets to compete in an RC car race against one another. Being true sportsmen – and fans of sweet jumps – we accepted the challenge.Team Associated Apex Scion Racing RTR FR-S 1:10 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Drift Car Model KitClick to continue

RC Helicopters -A Great Hobby"> May 28, 2015 Written by admin

Do you love to fly rc helicopters? You are fit to do that nowadays. People may acquire their legal license without long training, tiring sessions that any flier wants. Purchasing one of the galore  rc helicopters will resolve make your imagination come real. Remote control helicopters hobbyist’s are really passionate people. A long time period is washed-out controlling their machines in different  locations. The battery power unit and the flight formation time period have developed and improved to permit you additional control and fun in flying them has only accrue.

RC helicopters are apparently a hobby machine they do offer the power to increase an perceptive of the rules of flight. These remote control helicopters can be very complex and are not well-advised by little kids. If you need to buy one of these machines for a kid then possibly you should think to relish the experience with them. This could consider having them see you function it and may be a bit of a Click to continue

RC Planes for Beginners: How to Buy The Right Model For you?"> May 27, 2015 Written by admin

RC airplanes are well liked by kids and adults alike with radio controlled aircraft flying listed as one of the most popular hobbies. So, if you would like to indulge in the excitement and thrill of controlling a radio controlled aircraft, here is a look at a few points to consider when trying to fulfill your penchant for aeronautical aerobatics and information on how to choose RC planes for beginners.

What should be the features of beginner planes for RC aircraft enthusiasts?

Since you will still be learning the ropes and flying an RC airplane is no different than taking the real thing for a ride, with the sole difference being that you will be on the ground this time around, you will need to get a hang of the controls and will have to learn to operate many of them simultaneously.

For instance, when flying RC airplanes for beginners, you have to master the technique of moving the rudder and the ailerons together. The aerofoil on the tailfin is known as the Click to continue

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Think Safety When Flying RC Model Aircraft"> May 26, 2015 Written by admin

When it comes to radio controlled Aircraft one of the most important things in all the hobby is safety, and when I mean safety I don’t just mean your own, I mean other people as well.

If you look at the hazards you face when it comes to radio controlled flying you have to say starting up your plane is right at the top of the list. The percentage of people who cut their fingers, slice their fingers or even lose a finger through not starting up their plane correctly is quiet high.

But there is not just the start-up of the plane that’s a problem, there’s a problem of the plane moving forward on its own once it’s started.

So what do we have to stop these hazards causing us injury? Well in today’s model aircraft scene we have electric starters which are powered by a twelve volt battery, of the more basic method is the chicken stick which is basically a stick about 12″ in length with a rubber sheath at the end to grip the Click to continue

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