Basic Radio Control Helicopters and Other RC Vehicle Information"> October 30, 2015 Written by admin

RC helicopters are becoming very well-liked these days by all ages. You can purchase model RC helicopter equipment at your local shop or from my online Store . For the first time you can acquire a simpler, cheap model. It takes several hours and much persistence to build an RC helicopter. Electric RC helicopters are a great hobby to get into as it’s something you can enjoy no matter how old you are. The fact that you are in total control of flying a vehicle is exciting. When trying to purchase an RC helicopter, you have various collection to choose from – big and small, different power sources and different engine types. The largest decision will possibly be which size of helicopter to get.

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RC Jet Tips For New Pilots of Fast Radio Controlled Planes"> October 29, 2015 Written by admin

Flying an RC Plane can be a lot of fun. So if you’ve got time on your hands and you’re looking for a hobby that will focus on speed and creativity then RC Jets might just be what you have been searching for.

Radio controlled jets are fast and they can fly at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. So you will need good reactions to keep your flying machine under control. Of course if you are a beginner pilot and you are thinking of flying a fast radio controlled plane then you should probably start off with something that is a bit slower than this.

The 100 mile an hour RC Jet that you really want to fly will however serve as a great goal for hobby newcomers to this fabulous sport. Learn the basics first and when you are comfortable with the high speeds you will be able to progress.

When you get to fly radio controlled jets you will have a great opportunity to really indulge your creativity. This is because all the rc jet aircraft currently available will Click to continue

RC Planes – Thrills That Can’t Get Any Higher"> October 28, 2015 Written by admin

If you are aiming at the sky, you should not wait any longer. Just grab your RC plane and head towards the sky. Yes, nothing can be as thrilling as flying planes in the open sky. You can decide the destination of your plane, and either fly it high or simply keep it low. You can have a complete thrill, while you yourself fly a RC plane.

RC plane is not a thing of today. They did prevail in the past. However, they were noticed only in the recent years. It had an exhilarating experience in the past and continues to be even more thrilling today. There are varieties of planes to add to the excitement of flying. The main fun of flying RC planes lies in its model. If you are a beginner worry not, since after each session of flying, you will turn out to be an expert.

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Flying RC Helicopters And Airplanes: A Fun And Rewarding Hobby"> October 27, 2015 Written by admin

Bandar Seri Begawan – Why would you want to take up the hobby of flying RC helicopters and RC airplanes? Two words come to mind – “fun” and “rewarding” – that is after all what most of us are looking for in a hobby. This is a technical hobby. and incurs some cost, the initial purchase typically being the big cost. Many people enjoy racing RC cars, or dabble in boats, or planes and helis.

“RC” is short for “Radio Controlled”, not remote controlled which is referenced often by mistake. The existence of RC helicopters and RC airplanes technology directly creates some communities. In general, the community is divided into two; vendor community and the community of the players.

Two common questions arise with regard to RC Helicopters vs RC Airplanes. Most want to know which is harder to fly, and which one is a better investment. Price wise, it depends a lot on the model Click to continue

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Beginners Guide: How to Fly and Get Your First RC Plane"> October 26, 2015 Written by admin

Flying RC plane is a fun yet challenging activity. It gains more popularity today and becomes the favorite toy of both adults and kids. How about you? Are you also interested in flying this toy airplane? If you also want to try RC plane flying, firstly you need to learn how to fly it correctly. It is also essential to select your first RC plane carefully. You need to know exactly what kind of plane to buy for an enjoyable flying experience. Below are a few tips for beginners on how to fly the airplane and how to get the right RC plane.

Learning How to Fly

1. The easiest way to learn about flying an RC airplane is watching videos about it. From the videos, you will get an idea of how to fly and land it correctly.

2. Use RC plane flight software to increase your flying skills. The simulators are very helpful since you can learn how to fly RC plane Click to continue

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Things Taking into Consideration When Picking Electronic RC Aircraft"> October 25, 2015 Written by admin

 Playing electric RC aircraft is a very popular hobby. With so many electric rc aircraft available nowadays, choosing a suitable model does need some consideration. Fortunately, the process of selecting the right plane can be kept simple so long as you keep a few basic guidelines in mind.

Many RTF electric RC aircraft are designed for the beginner, but here are a few of those thoughts that you should remember when choosing and buying:

Planes that are of a high wing design always make the best aircraft to learn on because of their stability in the air.

An RTF (Ready To Fly) airplane is far better if you have no modeling experience, it’s the best way of getting airborne with the least amount of frustration.

Size matters! A plane with a wingspan of between 30 and 50 inches is the optimum size for learning. Much smaller and you’ll have trouble seeing what it’s doing, much bigger and it’ll be too much of a handful.

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The Basics On Flying Remote Controlled Planes"> October 24, 2015 Written by admin

The adrenaline rush that comes with every flight of remote controlled planes is definitely something enthusiasts look forward to every time a chance to do so comes their way. However, a lot of beginners tend to make the mistake of rushing out into the field with their newly-bought models and start conquering open space without any real deal knowledge about how RC planes are supposed to be flown. The results include a large amount of the one’s investment on this hobby going to waste.

It is a must for first-timers in this hobby to take some time and learn about it before actually doing it. To start out with the most basic, one has to know the different parts of the plane, what each one can do and what their limitations are. The basic plane model comes with a number of parts that play a part in its flight. A plane’s body is referred to as the fuselage, and it is where the engine, tail and wings of the plane are attached to. The wing is the plane’s horizontal Click to continue

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